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cheap accounts software

One solution is to plan your finances more carefully ..!

If you can 'look' a month ahead, or even further, it takes the stress out of 'the unknown'. 

With this easy accounts software you can plan and forecast your accounts expenditure day by day, and then compare it with your bank statement, you should be able to rest more easily at night. 




'I have been using your spreadsheet for my finances for about 4 months now, and it’s been great – so much better than endless sheets of paper ' - Alison S. (UK)

'I am going to use this system for my personal home accounts as I think it’s great, so simple.' Jenny (UK)

"I have used this program for 4 years. This is the best account planner as you can see were your money is, also were is going in and out.  " Peter. O. London.UK

Perhaps you have spent some time trawling around the Internet trying to find cheap accounts software, simple accounts software, or easy accounts software - a way of planning your domestic finances only to find a selection of over-complicated accounts software systems.....!

simple accounts software

Have a look at the easy accounting system below, designed in Excel, which is intended to help you manage your domestic and business accounts. You can plan several months ahead and then 'juggle' your finances around in advance so you don't go into the 'red'. Financial planning is the key.

See the sample page below showing one month. It also works like a calendar - there's one spreadsheet for each month of the year - all linked - 12 months. 


simple accounts software

How does it work?   simple accounts software

The system is based on a standard Excel spreadsheet so you don't need to download any additional software assuming you have Excel on your computer (download the demo below first to check). It's helpful if you have an understanding of Excel but it's not essential. All you have to do is type numbers into boxes (cells) and the spreadsheet does all the 'adding up' for you. Some of the columns contain formulae which do the calculations for you, and these columns are 'protected' i.e. you can't change anything in these columns - if you did, you would damage the calculating ability of the spreadsheet.

This easy accounts software spreadsheet has:

3 columns into which you type descriptions of your debits and credits, 

3 columns into which you type your debits (money going out your account) and 

2 columns into which you type your credits (money going into your account). The reason for duplicated columns is to allow for more than one credit or debit to 'hit' your account on one particular day.

The daily balance column then shows you what your financial situation PROJECTION  is each day.

By putting all your standing orders / direct debits into the debit columns, in the current month and for some months ahead, plus your income into the credit column, you can see whether you will be going into overdraft or not. If you see that in, for example, 2 weeks ahead, you are going into overdraft, you've got time to think about some economies or some 'juggling about'. 


cheap accounts software


This simple accounts software spreadsheet is also designed to look like your bank statement. So at any time you can compare your balance with your statement. Ideal if you have Internet banking.


simple accounts software

If you see that you are going into overdraft, in a week's time, you've got 7 days to think about some economies or some 'juggling about'.

simple accounts software

If you are self employed, or have your own small business (same thing really!) you tend to find that your income arrives by cheque or cash in a random fashion from your clients at all times of the month. Whereas your outgoings - Direct Debits, bills, rent, mortgage etc, tend to leave your account on specific dates.

This simple accounts software system allows you to enter your fixed outgoings, and then add the cheques or cash you may be receiving from clients on the days you think it may arrive. 


If you can see that a payment from a client may be late, you can perhaps 'chase' that client or request more prompt payment from other clients to make up the difference..

Alternatively you could 'stop' a direct debit (to avoid bank charges) then phone that particular supplier, explain the problem and pay 2 installments next month...

Also - within Excel, there are some very useful free templates such as cash flow forecasts, profit and loss projections, and invoice templates. So you can set up a simple accounts system using these free templates, plus the EASYMONEYPLANNER to finally give you 'real time' daily cash flow projections.


      How easy is it ..       

A brief example

Let's assume it's April  .... and you want to start your version going from April 1st

Get your last bank statement and go to the end of March - make a note of your balance on the 31st of March - let's say it's in credit 450.00


Go to the top of the spreadsheet and enter, say, 450.00 into the box marked 'starting balance'.
You will see it replicates down the entire daily balance column.

simple accounts software

Scroll down the MoneyPlanner and find April 1st. You will see 450.00 on the 1st of the month. 

easy accounts software

Then type your credits and debits into the correct boxes or 'cells' to match your bank statement. You will see for example 'car repairs' 256.00 - then look along to the end of the line and you will see the daily total has changed.

That's basically all you do - just type your debits and credits into the correct boxes (cells) and check the daily totals against your bank statement when required. Then forecast your finances for the next month or two (or longer) by adding numbers to the correct cells in the next month's columns. 

   I've got more than one account!!

No problem - this easy accounts software system comes with 6 accounts already set up - each one is based on the same template - you just give each one a different name, so you don't get them mixed up, and each one works independently. You can plan your finances on different accounts simultaneously.

simple accounts software


simple accounts software


simple accounts software

The demo is an Excel file 44k - no additional software is needed assuming you have Excel on your computer.

'Right click' /tap on the link below, or the image on the right>> then 'save target as' - make sure you save it somewhere you can find it - suggestion - put it on your desktop first. If you don't have a mouse with a 'right' button, just click/tap on it.

Click here for a demo / test - or 'right click' - then 'save as'  if you want to save it to your computer



simple accounts software

1) To view the user manual just click on it - please wait a few moments - it's a pdf file and might take a while to appear on your screen >>

2) To download the user manual, 'Right click' on the image>>, then 'save target as' - make sure you save it somewhere you can find it - suggestion - put it on your desktop first. If you don't have a mouse with a 'right' button, just click on it.

This is a PDF file and you will need Adobe Reader on your computer to view it.



$5.5 US Dollars - £4.00 UK POUNDS - 4.5 Euros
[plus VAT or relevant taxes in any particular country]
[at exchange rates - JAN 2019]

Delivery - The product is delivered via a Web-page. i.e. after you have paid for it, you will be directed to a new page from where it can be downloaded to your computer / tablet. The download will take about 2 secs on Broadband, longer on an old 'dial-up' modem. Excel file - size 605k.

Compatibility with your computer.
Windows PC. This file is a standard Microsoft Excel file and is compatible with all Microsoft PC computers from Windows 98 onwards assuming you have a copy of Excel on your computer / tablet etc. 

Apple Mac. On some Apple Macs the layout of the financial columns may vary. It's best to download the free demo first to check.

How to buy and download the EasyMoneyPlanner

Firstly check you've got Excel on your computer /tablet!
One way to be absolutely sure is to download the free demo first!


To purchase - please click on the 'BUY NOW' button below.

simple accounts software

Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name "CLKBANK*COM".

simple accounts software

Contact - mail@easymoneyplanner.co.uk  






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